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Let's keep this SIMPLE!  No need to decide if you are needing a Swedish or Deep Tissue session...  Just choose the length of time you are needing and the level you would like!  

** The Levels listed below are not guaranteed!  As of July 2022, we have two Level 2 Massage Therapists available for online booking​.  We are always recruiting new Massage Therapists and are hopeful that both Level 1 & Level 3 services will return in the near future.**

Integrated Massage Therapy Session

Level 1 

An integrated approach to massage incorporates multiple styles or techniques to treat a range of issues.  Consultation prior to beginning the session will determine the goals for the session.  Level 1 sessions include hot towels and aromatherapy.  

30 minutes - $40

60 minutes - $75

90 minutes - $110

120 minutes - $140

Integrated Massage Therapy Session

Level 2

Expanding on the first, Level 2 will also include heated Synergy Stones.  These amazing tools heat up the tissue, helping the muscles melt and relax!  A Level 2 Therapist is also likely to have more experience.  

30 minutes - $45

60 minutes - $85

90 minutes - $125

120 minutes - $165

Integrated Massage Therapy Session

Level 3 (Not Available at this time)

Continuing to level up, Level 3 sessions will be provided by our most experienced Massage Therapists.  This session includes

hot towels, hot Synergy Stones and aromatherapy.

30 minutes - $50

60 minutes - $95

90 minutes - $140

120 minutes - $185

Fire Cupping (Master Level Only)

Add some HEAT to your session!   Fire Cupping utilizes flame to create suction with custom glass cups.  Cupping Therapy increases circulation in the tissue and helps to break up adhesions that keep muscles from moving optimally. 

~ $20 upcharge ~

Silicone Cupping (Lea & Mikala Only)

Cupping Therapy is the BEST upgrade to a Massage Therapy session.  We use blue and clear silicone cups of varying sizes, to decompress the tissue with negative pressure.  This is an ancient method for pain relief. 

~ $15 upcharge ~

What clients are saying:

Very welcoming staff. Nice location. Lea was absolutely amazing. Knowledgeable, great to interact with, she isn’t overbearing and does everything to make you feel comfortable while she performs her massage. Last night was the first night in 4 months that my elbows didn’t burn or my hands go numb while sleeping. Thank you!

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Absolutely love this place! The respect and professionalism is above board. Not to mention how friendly all of the staff is. You feel at ease as soon as you walk in the door, and everyone pays attention to the details. I will be here again, and again....

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC