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More time, more experience, more healing 

All Massage Therapy sessions are for the FULL TIME! If you schedule 90 minutes, you get a full 90-minutes of hands-on time (provided you arrive on time). Your appointment begins with a quick chat and consultation, so we can make sure we understand your needs for your Bodywork session. See the Services Menu for more details on what is offered for your appointment.

Lea Heflin Jimenez

I have 21 years of experience in Massage Therapy, and truly love what I do. 2017 brought some changes to my life and my business, when we moved back to my home town of Kerrville, Texas :) I started working out of an adorable upstairs office, and then in June 2018, moved our current & much bigger location off of Sidney Baker South.

So, what's different about a massage session with me? First of all, there's my bodywork experience. Working in this field for over 21 years has allowed me the opportunity to do thousands & thousands of hours of Massage Therapy. I've seen all kinds of issues & worked with all kinds of clients with different needs and body types. Another unique aspect of my practice is my education. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Psychology & a Masters Degree in Counseling from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Although I don't actively work in that field, I believe my education really lends itself to my Massage Therapy practice. I hold tremendous regard for the Mind-Body connection. Many clients talk with me about things in their life, and I am honored to hold that space with them. Some clients don't talk very much at all, and this is also perfectly fine. I let my clients guide the session & I follow their lead.

Come on over to the office & enter another calm and serene world, where my passion is helping your feel YOUR BEST!  

Mikala Weber

I was born and raised in Kerrville, Texas & so enjoy life in the Hill Country!  When I was growing up, I always had a desire to make a difference in peoples lives.  After high school, I started working at Peterson Regional Medical Center,  where I was able to help patients everyday.  Even though I loved helping my patients, the Nursing field wasn’t a perfect fit for me, yet I still wanted to make a difference in peoples lives. After doing research on many different occupations I came across Massage Therapy and instantly fell in love with it. I attended Academy for Massage Therapy Training in August of 2020, and graduated in April of 2021. I'm loving everything about working here at Essential Escape Massage & I am ready to meet and help you! 

Olivia Cherkas

Hi! I've been a Licensed Massage Therapist for about 4 years. I first realized I wanted to start Massage Therapy through physical ailments my mom has suffered from for most of her life which causes her severe back/neck pain. I used to help by giving her amateur neck rubs and she expressed to me she felt I had a gift for it; so making this my profession was an easy choice that sort of made its way to me. My goal as a Therapist is to really be attentive to my clients needs on pain/stress relief as well as focus on long term healing. I tend to specialize in back and neck work but deeply believe in working on the body as a whole interconnected system that works together. What I absolutely love about being a Massage Therapist is that everyday I get to go home with a feeling of purpose and knowing I'm making a difference in the lives of people who truly need all the many benefits massage has to offer. It is truly a fulfilling job and a calling of mine.